The Natural Heat Feeling of infranomic

Since the creation of the solar system, nature has chosen far infrared as the most efficient method of supplying heat and supporting life on earth. Far Infrared light is totally different to Ultra Violet Light and is completely safe; in fact, so attuned are we to its goodness the human body is actually designed to absorb as much far infrared as possible and its benefits have had proven medical use for decades.

infranomic heating units can be used in all areas of the home and are ideal for heating holiday homes seasonally.

infranomic heating units thickness varies from only 14mm up to 26 mm and so save lots of space. They have been awarded a TÜV certification and are all hand made in Germany.

Economic advantages

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Buying infranomic pays off. There is no need for a central heating system, boiler or fireplace. Even installation is child's play and anyone with even the slightest technical aptitude will find it easy.

infranomic has an efficiency level of almost 100% – nearly all the energy used is for heating. A further advantage is the complete lack of maintenance needed: infranomic heating elements are wear free and have an extremely long life expectancy.

You can also save money with operating costs when compared to conventional heating systems. Using only electricity for operation gives you peace of mind from rising gas and oil prices. With the option of green electricity, infranomic is a first class solution for environmentally friendly heating.

For more on this, please see the cost calculation  in the service area.


Do your health a power of good

The warmth generated by infranomic keeps the air moisture at a constant level. This is especially comfortable for people suffering from rheumatism or similar conditions. Those with asthma and allergies can breathe deeply: infranomic disperses hardly any dust as air circulation is much less pronounced than with conventional heating systems.

Infrared warmth can have even more positive effects on the body. It can encourage blood flow to the skin and strengthen the immune system. Infrared light also stimulates the metabolism and has a cleansing effect. infranomic provides what is probably the most comfortable form of heating.